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Oro Italian Style Coffee Packs

Buy ORO Italian Style Coffee Packs, ORO Espresso and Buy Packs of Coffee Online at Bean Mac Enterprise

If you want to buy ORO Italian style coffee packs or ORO espresso packs, shop at Bean Mac Enterprise.


ORO Caffe’s goal is to increase the worth of Italy’s espresso, along with its culture, on a global scale. From bean to cup, you can be sure that quality is essential to their team.


Their blends undergo rigorous research, testing and quality assurance before they pass through their doors to their customers. Every lot is tasted to ensure that it doesn’t merely meet established standards but also exceeds them. Blends vary in composition, but they always choose coffees that have achieved the highest appraisals. Paired with their thorough, meticulously monitored roasting process, every unique blend is maximized to its potential with just the right time and temperature needed. This results in coffee that smells and tastes superior to other roasted blends.


At Bean Mac Enterprise, they offer ORO Italian style coffee packs and ORO espresso packs. Bean Mac Enterprise is a reliable coffee supplier that provides a complete coffee solution to their clients. Their service includes providing the most suitable coffee machine, coffee bean & service/repair. Their solutions cover home, office & commercial business.


ORO Italian Style - 1.0kg/pack

Italian Style blends together coffees from Vietnam and Brazil. An espresso cup Italian Style that shows a very dense and dark brown crema. At the nose you perceive hints of toast bread and caramel. The taste is mellow and gives fullness in mouth. Balanced, with an after-taste of caramel and toast bread. This blend reflects the way of drinking Italian espresso. The amount of caffeine is less than 3%.



ORO Espresso - 1.0kg/pack

Espresso is a skilful blend of carefully selected beans from Brasil, Kenya, India and Vietnam, which produces an espresso with pronounced overtones of hazelnut and chocolate. This blend has a dark hazelnut colour with tiger striping and a very thick crema. Caffeine content is less than 1,7%.


Bean Mac Enterprise also sells ORO Premium Bars which is a high-quality blend with coffees from Brasil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Vietnam and India. This is designed for people who enjoy a fruity coffee with hints of almond and hazelnut. Taste and tactile characteristics reveal a thick, creamy body with a sweet flavour. Visually, Premium Bar Blend produces a thick, hazelnut-coloured, tiger-striped crema.


If you are ready to order your ORO Italian style coffee pack, ORO espresso packs or buy packs of coffee online from Bean Mac Enterprise. Bean Mac Enterprise is dedicated to bringing you premium coffee products at a premium price. Buy packs of coffee online at

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