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PIAZZA D’ORO Dolce - 1kg/pack

Elegant and exceptionally well-balanced coffee blend. Initially, fresh green notes give way to a sweet fragrance of sun-dried apricots ending with roasted peanuts. A smooth, velvety coffee ideal for your daily Lungo, Americano or to cut through milk based Cappuccino and Latte.

Retail Price Per Pack

RM 85.00

Piazza - Dolce.jpg

PIAZZA D’ORO Estremo - 1kg/pack

Intense, powerful and deliciously deep, dark chocolate notes and a subtle back note of cloves. For a full bodied Cafe Creme, robust Ristretto, punchy Cappuccino or a memorable Espresso, explore Estremo.

Retail Price Per Pack

RM 90.00

Piazza - Estremo S.jpg
Piazza - Forza.jpg

PIAZZA D’ORO Forza - 1kg/pack

Indulgently full flavoured coffee blend with taste notes of dark, bitter chocolate balanced with rich toffee. Ideal for a Ristretto or Espresso and to create milk based coffees like Cappuccino, Latte or Macchiato.

Retail Price Per Pack


Retail Price Per Pack

RM 80.00

PIAZZA D’ORO Intenso - 1kg/pack

An intense coffee with immersive, vibrant taste notes of cedar and nutmeg punctuated with hints of black pepper. Gently bittersweet with an extremely full finish, perfect for rich flavoured Cappuccino, Espresso, Ristretto and the more discerning palate.

Piazza - Intenso.jpg
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