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ORO Italian Style - 1.0kg/pack

Italian Style blends together coffees from Vietnam and Brazil.

In espresso cup Italian Style shows a very dense and dark brown crema.

At the nose you perceive hints of toast bread and caramel.
The taste is mellow and gives fullness in mouth. Balanced, with an after-taste of caramel and toast bread.
This blend reflects the way of drinking Italian espresso. Ristretto, both in the morning, after meals or for a quick break at the bar.

The amount of caffeine is less than 3%.

Retail Price Per Pack

RM 90.00

ORO Espresso - 1.0kg/pack

Espresso is a skilful blend of carefully selected beans from Brasil, Kenya, India and Vietnam, which produces an espresso with pronounced overtones of hazelnut and chocolate.

This blend has a dark hazelnut colour with tiger striping and a very thick crema.

Caffeine content is less than 1,7%.

Retail Price Per Pack

RM 104.00

ORO Premium Bar - 1.0kg/pack

A high-quality blend with coffees from Brasil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Vietnam and India, designed for people who enjoy a fruity coffee with hints of almond and hazelnut. Taste and tactile characteristics reveal a thick, creamy body with a sweet flavour.

Visually, Premium Bar Blend produces a thick, hazelnut-coloured, tiger-striped crema.

Caffeine content is less than 1.2%. 

Retail Price Per Pack

RM 116.00

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